Panels, Speakers, and Presentations
The following presentations were selected out of a highly competitive field of proposals:

1. Concepts of Religion(s)

"'We are not the only people who have a Bible.' The Impact of Max Müller’s Sacred Books of the East Series on the Conceptualization of 'Religion'"
Prof. Arie Molendijk, University of Groningen, Netherlands

"Religion and Empire: Loisy’s Use of 'Religion' Prior to his Correspondence with Cumont"
Dr. Jeffrey L. Morrow, Seton Hall University

"Conjunctive Religion, or, How Keshub Chunder Sen Rewrote the Grammar of Modern Theology"
Dr. J. Barton Scott, University of Toronto, Canada

2. Religion, the Secular and Reform

"Karl Marx and the Invention of the Secular"
Dr. Dominic Erdozain, Visiting Scholar, Emory University

"'Little Liberty on Earth while men worship a tyrant in heaven' (Robert Ingersoll). Nineteenth-Century Secularists in Britain and America and Implications of Constructing 'Religion' as Anachronistic Repressor"
Prof. David Nash, Oxford Brookes University, UK

"'God's insurrection': Politics and Faith in the Revolutionary Sermons of J.R. Stephens"
Dr. Mike Sanders, University of Manchester, UK

3. Mediums and Practices of Religion

"From Treasure to Trash, or, the Uses of Nineteenth-Century 'Family Bibles'"
Dr. Mary Wilson Carpenter, Queen's University, Canada

"Building 'Religion' in Victorian Britain"
Prof. Dominic Janes, Keele University, UK

"Wilde's Uses of Religion"
Dr. Mark Knight, University of Lancaster, UK

4. Reframing Religion and the Body

"The New Woman of New Faith: Narratives of Doubt and Refashioned Faith in New Woman Novels"
Dr. Shuhita Bhattacharjee, Presidency University, India

"Finding the Frame: Religion, Science, and Sexual Dissidence in Late-Victorian Britain"
Dr. Joy Dixon, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Embodied Theology: Disability and Illness in Mid-Victorian Christian Periodicals"
Dr. Kylee-Anne Hingston, University of Victoria, Canada

5. Forms of Conversion and Sanctity

"Thinking with Saints in Nineteenth-Century Britain"
Dr. Gareth Atkins, Cambridge University, UK

"Converting Towards or Away: The Case of George Eliot and Modern Ethics"
Dr. Ilana Blumberg, Bar Ilan University, Israel

"Psalms and Conversionary Poetics in Nineteenth-Century England"
Dr. Cynthia Scheinberg, Mills College

6. Reframing Religion and Literature

"Hybridous Monsters: Constructing 'Religion' and 'the Novel' in the Early Nineteenth Century"
Prof. Miriam Burstein, SUNY, College at Brockport

"Everybody Expects the Spanish Inquisition: Restoring Surprise to Nineteenth-Century British Catholicism"
Dr. Patrick R. O'Malley, Georgetown University

"Memories, Dreams, and Selections: Airbrushing Nineteenth-Century Religion"
Prof. Stephen Prickett, Kent University, UK

7. Reading Religion

"Jewish Women’s Writing as a New Category of Affect"
Dr. Richa Dwor, Douglas College, Canada

"Reading Queen Victoria's Religion"
Dr. Michael Ledger-Lomas, King's College London, UK

"The Importance of Being Ezra: Canons and Conversion in The Moonstone"
Dr. William R. McKelvy, Washington University in St. Louis

8. Faith in Poetry

"John Henry Newman's Faith in Poetry"
Dr. Michael D. Hurley, Cambridge University, UK

"Post-secular English Studies and Romantic Cults of Authorship"
Dr. Charles LaPorte, University of Washington

"William Blake, the Secularization of Religious Categories, and the History of Imagination"
Prof. Peter Otto, University of Melbourne, Australia

Conference Roundtable (open to public): Five graduate students who have won travel awards will join all twenty-four presenters to discuss the conference results and the state of "religion" in nineteenth-century studies.

Graduate Student Travel Award Recipients

  • Amy Coté, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Charles McCrary, Florida State University
  • David Reagles, Drew University
  • James Van Wyck, Fordham University
  • Mimi Winick, Rutgers University

Conference Archivist

Dr. Winter Jade Werner, Wheaton College, MA